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Background: On one of my parody binges, I wrote one about a webcomic called 3rd Dementia by Eric Wellman.

3rd Dementia (parody of Thank You by Dido)

The 3rd Dementia's come and now / The Katt's comeout to play
He got his toy out and he's ready / to have a joyful day
Some people will be caught / who don't know the game / but they'll play it anyway.
And where they go, it's always bad, it's always bad.

Judy met a guy named / Bob and met / his small dog named Toto
and then all the sudden Katt / got his ball, / and now they're on the go
it seems like nothing could prepare for them / what these guys will have to face
But something tells me / that it'll be bad, that it'll be bad

Bob, Judy, Toto are gonna go and play with the Katt
All just a game to him, they're gonna go and play with the Katt

No matter if it's nuns with guns / or tickling a demon
Anvils coming from the sky / the trio must go on
And until the Katt stops his fun now / They just have to press on....
They'll still be here

(Chorus) x2