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Background: The parody that has gotten the most attention was for Real Life by Greg Dean. No plug in it, but people dug up my sung version, so I decided to at least post the lyrics again.

It's Real Life (parody of It's My Life by Bon Jovi)

This is a comic for the ones who want it.
About a guy named Greg, and Greg Dean draws it.
he plays Final Fantasy and Ultima Online
and speculated to have a life offline.

It's Real Life
Greg's Adventures
Who knows where he's gonna venture
Or he'll sit and play some games tonight
He's always comes around and finds ways
To get in trouble throughout each day
Mr. Dean likes to play with his life
It's Real Life

He has some friends who hang around
Tony's pure evil, Dave's a Quake god,
Crystal's Greg's girlfriend, Adam pirates
Danny is coding and Debbie's all that


He'll be around to face the challenge
He comes, He sees, and yeah, he conquers