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Background: Another attempt at plugging, but I can't remember which forum I posted it in...

Pimp Me (parody of Pinch Me by Barenaked Ladies)

My web comic is the pits.
I just wish I got some hits.
Wasted all the afternoon
Sketching and inking a toon.
I do this comic for free,
For all you people to come see
I hope someone will stop by
I just don't understand why

I keep hoping that maybe someone will come on
and they like my comic and they'll keep reading on
cause I try to do the best with what I have got
Please come in, I'll make you laugh out loud
and it's a gaurentee that you all will be wow'd
Cause I'm showing you that my funny is hot

I go to school everyday
doodling my whole life away
Come back home and get on
just to see that no one came on
Each day it all ends the same
The fact my pageviews are real lame
I hope that it will change soon
Please read my stinkin' toon!


Pimp me x2
So someone can see
please guys tell me
that you will help me

I should have a cameo
And let the artist plug me so
Naked women are a treat
8-bit guys are also neat
I'll do anything you dare
I'll even strip my underwear
My humor's here to stay
So come around my way!