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Background: In an attempt for more hits, I wrote a parody in a link pimping forum. It was very fun to do, however, I don't rap, so it was little more difficult than expected.

Link Pimpin' (Parody of Big Pimpin' by Jay-Z)

You know I / draw em / scan em / touch em / post em
Because the people need em
They say it's looking good / Puts me in a mood.
Because I really need em
First, though, I need those pageviews
Because you know the reason
I need someone read these funny strip guys.
And those links I need em.
And the friends I seek em
Cause I need the hits
Cause I need those precious hits
Giving, someone a big big laugh
And I'm getting some of the traf
Many people would laugh if they some to see
Look at archives and laugh and be
Just clicking for a laugh
While I'm working
You're getting a lot
You know I'm doing something / Drawing something
Because I like good humor
Not for nothing / giving something / I'll be forever stripping
Hardcore for sketching / I've got the passion / I have the patience / But I need sensation
Scroll down to my name
and let's C-L-I-I-I-I-I-CK / Check me out now C-L-I-I-I-I-I-CK
Yeah just C-L-I-I-I-I-I-CK / Check me out now C-L-I-I-I-I-I-CK

I doin' Link Pimpin / Plugging strip
I doin' Link Pimpin / For all of those hits
I doin' Link Pimpin / On the internet
It's just John Noran asking for that click (x2)

You know you got to check my portfolio / because my art is really coolio
The laughter is so hard to miss and oh / I have a thousand hits a day, so?
Every day deal with this comic, oh... / I just draw and laugh as I go.
Don't care about your opinion bro. / I'm the mutha who runs the show
Choose to read it yes or no, your choice not mine
You'll see it's still as fine
Many readers would stand in line
Just to get a sign
So read my comic fans of mine, it'll blow your mind
Don't be surprised if you think it's the best, and you decide it's a great find.
It's Unsurpassed the fans I have, you can't take it
But small cartoonists now, you need help out, I plug your site and make it
Just rake it
You can't get counts like this without making your own plug
Now get your art in gear, cause what comes near, is the start of your own club.
Get those links up
Top 100 sites need hits to go on!
Now, it's on.
Cause when you're this hot
You can't stop to see what's going on.
You'll be popular like us man.
I'll be a high to be like us man.
Don't fret, just jet, get on and jet
Then we'll hear from that John Noran


U Friendly
That is what I wanna be
Drawin' fans, diggin me
What they see is real funny
Everybody get the joke
Doing it for all you folks
My comic's up, laugh out loud
All good puns to which I'm proud
If I wasn't drawing strips
Accountant job w/ coffee sips.
Boring like watching grass grow
No time for entertainment

Now, we will take over the internet
Back, Front, Out, In
Having fun
Drawing strips