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Background: Wanting to make a comeback on writing weird parodies, I dedicated one to my friend, Scott Thigpen of Demise Comics, about his first two comics and himself. I get a kick out of it, but I won't listen to Getting Jiggy Wit It again.

Getting Thiggy wit it (parody of Getting Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith)

Start the internet, lets go
When I'm low, I know you know
I just download those real fun strips
bust my hips
gonna get Thiggy wit it
yeah that's it
he does does Demise
you gotta realize
he's a real prize
He's gotta lotta funny he broughta wit him
Uses Flash, he's skilled in.
Everyone read DC
No one can compete
Wishing that they could be
as scherwy as he acheived
Herse-Hersel straight from Demi-Demise
Quite a riot
you'd just laugh, no way by it
ottsc-ay the anmay with the ashflay ayerplay
showing he Thiggy, so you know the right way
all his fans are all with him
Scott's mind all in it
Getting thiggy wit it.
ba na na na na na na
ba na na na na na

What never heard of Scott Thig?
Let me tell you all about
this guy that you should dig
listen-unh listen-unh listen of Hershel
a tiny white player with a sissy sis
we care for the siblings, the siblings
glad cause we see Hershel getting his schwerve on
Sissy with el Diablo from Diablo 2
had dinner, him telling her she's the greatest
they had a fever for being such a crowd pleaser
ST made another
of his classics
always with this
with the madness, squishy's badness
This interest can't be beat or be matched at all
he drew those strips and laughed my butt off, my butt off
and yes yes you can't stop
from all this laughing all the time
He made it hot


Boomslang DC, whose the outdoor chick
Dr. Lydia Stone, the real sissy
Trying to find apes in the jungle life
Which is tough enough for her for one to find
With Willy and Ko-Ko taking their life really easy
Living life for them is truely pleasing
Dr. Hello hangs around and he is always bound
to have some monkey business whenever he is found
And the King says poems when he's on
they're right on and I'm not lion
thought it was funny
guess it wasn't
but the guy of the strip he's drawin'
gaurenteed a laugh from Boomslang Flashing
a place for all to come and laugh out loud
Demise Comics baby
it's all funny